Alison Hammond: This Morning presenter's Madame Tussauds waxwork announced during Coronation Street special

Alison Hammond was announced as a new Madame Tussauds waxwork in today’s crossover episode of This Morning and Coronation Street

Alison Hammond co-hosted a special episode of This Morning from Coronation Street to celebrate King Charles III's coronationAlison Hammond co-hosted a special episode of This Morning from Coronation Street to celebrate King Charles III's coronation
Alison Hammond co-hosted a special episode of This Morning from Coronation Street to celebrate King Charles III's coronation

With just one day left until King Charles III’s coronation, street parties and events are getting underway up and down the country. Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary headed to Coronation Street to host a street party to celebrate the crowning of the new king.

The one-off special crossover between This Morning and ITV’s iconic soap opera began with presenters Alison and Dermot stepping out of the Rovers Return Inn to greet the guests to the party. A marching band played jolly music whilst guests at the table clapped in time with the music, along with dancing from Alison and Dermot.

Invited to the street party were members of Primrose Hill Primary school, St John’s Ambulance workers, and golden ticket holders. Friends and family could nominate their loved ones for a golden ticket to the party.

The presenters, alongside Giles Brandreth and royal expert Camilla Tominey reminisced on previous occasions on which royalty had visited Coronation Street. The late Queen Elizabeth II visited just last year in May, and there were also clips of King Charles III outside the Rovers Return.Alison Hammond jokingly pointed out: “Now we’ve got Prince Dermot and Queen Alison.”

The special included segments on how to make coronation cocktails and food, as well as interviews with Corrie cast members and a sneak preview of what to expect in the next episode. There was even an exclusive look at the rehearsal for tomorrow’s (6 May) coronation.

One of the most unique moments in the special however was when King Charles III himself made an appearance on the red carpet outside the Kabin newsagents. The waxwork of the new king was accompanied by Kyle Woodcock from Madame Tussauds.

Kyle revealed to the viewers and to Alison that the brummie presenter had been voted by the public to have a new waxwork in Blackpool’s museum. He explained: “Alison, you have come to the top of the poll… can we get you booked in?”

Initially suppressing her overwhelming excitement, Alison eventually shouted: “I can’t believe it! I’m going to be a waxwork! Yes!”

Other standout moments of the show included a cocktail making tutorial from Rovers Return landlady, Sally Ann Matthews, alongside drinks expert Helen McGinn. When showcasing the cocktails, Alison told the pair: “I’m loving your jugs!”

This simple yet effective innuendo comes shortly after Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith said she hoped Alison would put a stop to innuendos on the show.

Phil Vickery showed viewers how to make some simple coronation themed food for their street party whilst outside Roy’s Rolls. Unfortunately the segment was interrupted by torrential downpour which led to a sudden ad-break. 

When eating the coronation chicken wrap made by Phil, Dermot O’Leary exclaimed: “Do you know one thing that would make that better? If I was eating it inside.” Coverage resumed from inside the Rovers Return, with Alison making light of the situation, saying: “I look like a drowned rat.”

Coronation Street legend Barbara Knox sat in a booth at the Rovers Return with Alison and Dermot. She reminisced on receiving her MBE from Queen Elizabeth II, and revealed details from the late Queen’s most recent visit to the Corrie cobbles.

Barbara had high praise for the Queen, describing her as “amazing” and “lovely”. She added: “She was about to leave, I just suddenly went ma’am I want to thank you for this [MBE].” She explained that the Queen then responded: “Did you have a lovely day?”

The special crossover episode ended with the presentation of a commemorative golden plaque to mark the occasion when the two shows collaborated to celebrate the King’s coronation. The plaque will be featured on the Corrie set for eternity.

Viewers were divided by the special episode of This Morning and took to Twitter to share their opinion. One person wrote: “I’m not a royalist but I’m dying to be at the Coronation Street party on This Morning 😭😭.” Another said: “The Coronation Street party on This Morning is fab!” Disagreeing, a third commented: “@thismorning what on earth was all that cringe making drivel at Coronation Street this morning. It was an embarrassment to all.”