Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games host Phil Oldershaw on how the event is for everyone

The excitement begins - and here’s why everyone should get involved!

Over a million visitors will be welcomed to Birmingham and the West Midlands over the coming weeks for the Commonwealth Games. And many millions more from across the world will be watching from home.

Commonwealth Games 2022 presenter and host Phil Oldershaw tells BirminghamWorld about the importance of the Games and how there is something for everyone to get involved over the event which ends on August 8.

Phil Oldershaw, Host and Presenter of Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

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    “I think the important thing is - the Commonwealth Games is for everybody. There’s people travelling from all over the world - as athletes coming from all over the world. And of course, if you live in Birmingham and the West Midlands, then you do not want to miss out.

    “So it’s really important to find out what’s going on, you can go onto the website, Birmingham 2022 website for the Commonwealth Games. It gives a full list of activities from the opening ceremony where Duran Duran and Peaky Blinders are going to be a key party - along with our Birmingham accent, you know what I mean?”

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    Excitement is brewing in the city ahead of the Games. The event is the largest Birmingham has ever hosted and the schedule is absolutely jam-packed with opportunities for people to get involved - both in terms of athletics but also the many cultural events drawing people to the region. And Brummies themselves have a wide range of things they’re looking forward to experiencing the most.

    Maitham says: “So considering Birmingham is like the second largest city in the UK, you know, I mean, I think it’s very, it’s important that it is put on the map, you know, and I think Birmingham has a lot to offer.”

    Oldershaw urges people to get involved and take advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity.

    “All throughout the city, there’s loads of different locations where there’s lots of cultural stuff going on that people can just get involved in. I think it’s one of those things where people have got to make an effort. This is a once in a lifetime, for many of us - for Birmingham. So it’s really worth making that effort to get involved.”

    Oldershaw is excited about Birmingham hosting the games, and says that it is a great city with a lot to offer. He hopes that the games will help promote Birmingham and show the world what a great city it is.

    “I think it’s really important for us to help promote our city. One thing we’re good at in the West Midlands is having a laugh at ourselves. And that’s great. We’ve all got good humour, but it’s also good to share about how great our city is. And what’s important about the Commonwealth Games, Birmingham 2022, is that the eyes of the world are going to be on us, and it’s our time to shine. And we really can shine because we have a beautiful city. We have amazing people within this city.”

    Oldershaw says that one of the most important things about the games is that they bring people together. He hopes that everyone will be welcoming and friendly, and that people will make new friends and acquaintances during the games.

    “So for me, it’s about making everybody welcome, putting on our best smiling faces, sharing the love, sharing the energy and actually getting involved, you know, making friends, making acquaintances, saying hello. Giving somebody directions. Having some laughter. That’s what’s important about the Commonwealth Games. It’s about bringing people together.”

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