Which flights are cancelled from Birmingham Airport and could more be cut in the coming days and weeks?

Airports across the UK are seeing flights cancelled

Airlines in the UK have been impacted by thousands of cancelled and delayed flights in recent weeks as the industry struggles with backlogs.

Flights during the Easter holidays and the May have term were affected, causing widespread issues for families looking to get away for the holidays.

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Has the airport been busy?

Planes at Birmingham Airport

The first half of this year has seen thousands of people hopping on flights out of Birmingham Airport following the dropping of Covid-19 restrictions back in March.

The airport has been increasingly busy during some days, with long queues at security checks for many passengers.

Friday, May 27 was the airport’s busiest day since August 29 - with 21,000 passengers flying to destinations around the world. A total of 147,200 passengers flew out from Birmingham Airport over the Jubilee bank holiday, with the airport admitting its staffing levels are 15% below where it would like them to be - and admitting that issues could persist throughout the summer to Autumn.

The airport began a recruitment drive in November with the aim of increasing numbers of key roles, including security officers. On Friday (June 10) it announced that it has now hired the optimum level of staff and is currently training its new recruits.

Which flights are cancelled from Birmingham Airport?

At the time of publication today (24 June) there was two flights cancelled tis morning, and several flights have been delayed.

The two cancelled flights ar both operated by Eurowings.

These are listed below.

Cancelled flights, 24 June

Eurowings: 8.05am Stockholm to Birmingham - flight EW 4656

Eurowings: 8.45am Birmingham to Eurowings - flight EW 4657

Delayed flights, 24 June

Tui: Birmingham to Paphos flight TOM 7458 - scheduled 5.15pm - delayed until 2.35am (25 June)

Eurowings: Birmingham to Prague flight EW 4221 - scheduled 2.30pm - delayed until 3.20pm

Ryanair: Birmingham to Dublin flight FR 667 - scheduled 3.55pm - delayed until 4.15pm

Are any flights delayed from Birmingham Airport?

According to the arrival and departures board on the Birmingham Airport website, some flights today have been delayed for around an hour.

This includes the 2.45pm Tui flight to Fuerteventura which is now due to arrive at 6.30pm.

Have the airlines commented on delays and cancellations?

Jet2 have issued a statement to say that they have not made any cancellations, and that they continue to receive positive feedback from customers.

A spokesperson said: "We have not made any cancellations due to staff shortages and we are continuing to receive positive feedback from happy customers and independent travel agents thanks to our dedicated teams who are continuing to work tirelessly to provide the best customer service in the industry.

This statement came several days after the airline announced it would be withdrawing some flights in July and August.

Amongst the withdrawn routes are flights to Amsterdam from Birmingham.

The spokesperson added: “Following the latest review, we have taken the decision, in consultation with Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, to withdraw July and August services to Amsterdam from Birminghamand Leeds Bradford airports. Our programme to Amsterdam is scheduled to recommence in September. Where customers are affected, we will contact them to let them know and they will receive a full refund.

"It is important to note that this decision has nothing to do with staff shortages that are currently impacting other airlines, and withdrawn flights were not due to depart until June 30 at the earliest."

Could we see more cancellations?

With the backlog created by a shortage in staff and other factors still at play, it is entirely possible we will continue to see flights to and from Birmingham Airport disrupted.

For the latest on flight information, visit the Birmingham Airport website.