Met Office: Flood warning placed on Birmingham and will it snow?

Any hopes for significant snowfall in Birmingham this week are set to be dashed as experts predict plummeting temperatures to near below freezing.

The Met Office are expecting a miserable, at times, week for Birmingham with the odd clear and sunny spells.

The weather organisation has issued a flood warning across England.

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Conditions are set to stay largely mild but will begin to tail off towards chillier levels on the weekend.

Highs of 9℃ are expected, with lows of around 5℃.

Today and Tonight (Wednesday 1 December)

Heavy rain will hit throughout the day but will gradually become clearer heading into the afternoon.

It was at its worst earlier on in the day around 5pm, but the rest of today is set to be mild with dry conditions.

Around the West Midlands area, scattered showers will hit the region and will spread from the northwest.

There is the potential for sleet and snow in places.

Highs of 8℃ and lows of 1℃ are expected.

Tomorrow (Thursday 2 December)

On Tuesday, skies are set to be clear and will change to more cloudy in the afternoon.

Sunny spells will last from 9am to around 3pm.

Conditions are expected to remain dry throughout the day.

However, around the West Midlands area, there is the possibility of isolated and wintery showers.

They will fade away quite quickly though, leaving clear conditions.

Highs of 3℃ are expected, with lows as chilly as 0℃.

Friday 3 November

Friday will be incredibly overcast and miserable in Birmingham.

Rainfall will be heavy and is expected to be at its heaviest early in the morning, at around 6am.

Around the West Midlands, there is the possibility that the rest of the day could be dry and mild.

However, more rainfall will hit the region in the evening.

Highs of 8℃ and lows of 2℃ are expected.

Weekend (Saturday 4 November and Sunday 5 November)

Saturday is set to be partly cloudy and will change to sunnier spells by the late morning.

Temperatures are expected to be around slightly mild levels, though there is a drop off to chillier and wintery conditions.

Though the Met Office have forecast more unsettled and windier conditions for the West Midlands.

Lows of 4℃ and highs of 5℃.

Sunday is forecast to be largely dry and sunny and skies will turn cloudier heading into the nighttime.

Sunnier spells will continue throughout 9am to 3pm.

Temperatures will be largely mild but with a drop off to chillier levels.

The Met Office are expecting the West Midlands to be graced with lovely moments of sunshine and the odd bands of isolated showers.

Highs of 5℃ and lows of 2℃ are expected.