The three Birmingham eateries included in Harden’s 100 List of Best UK Restaurants

Three Brummie restaurants have been named amongst the UK’s best in Harden’s latest best restaurants guide

Three Birmingham establishments have been included in Harden’s top 100 best restaurants in the UK.

In the 2023 Harden’s guide, a total of 30,000 reports are submitted from a survey of 3,000 diners. Restaurants at all price levels are listed: from street food vendors to the country’s most ambitious dining rooms, with 2,800 restaurants listed in total.

Harden’s is the UK’s original ‘user-generated content’ restaurant guide, with ratings derived statistically from an annual survey.

Opheem, Birmingham
Opheem, Birmingham
Opheem, Birmingham

Which Birmingham restaurants feature in the guide?

In the leading annual diners poll of the 100 best UK restaurants, three Birmingham eateries feature in the list - the second most outside of London.

Adam’s British fine dining restaurant in Waterloo Street is named the 17th best UK restaurant, followed by the Opheem Indian restaurant which came in 66th place and The Wilderness fine dining restaurant on Waterstone Lane which came in 92nd place.

Which restaurant was named number 1?

Restaurant Andrew Fairlie at The Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire has been crowned the UK's top restaurant in a leading annual diners poll.

Scotland's world famous restaurant hailed - 'a memory to be treasured' - shot to the top spot for its luxurious ingredients prepared with 'impeccable skill and creativity' and attentive staff who are 'knowledgeable in all respects'.

Edinburgh was also revealed to be the UK city with the most listings in the Top 500 outside of London, with no fewer than 17 restaurants making it into the elite ranking.