Archers mega fan Queen Camilla shows love for radio show: 7 photos through the years

The Archers, which is recorded in Birmingham, celebrated its 20,000th episode. It is the world’s longest running soap opera

Queen Camilla, who is a massive fan of the The Archers, celebrated the BBC Radio 4 drama’s milestone moment with a beautiful message.

She couldn’t visit for the drama’s 20,000th episode but sent a message for the event in Birmingham - where the show is recorded. She previously had attended the show’s 60th anniversary in 2011.

Created by Godfrey Baseley, a BBC radio executive, the drama is the world’s longest running soap opera. It follows the residents of the fictional farming community of Ambridge.

Her Majesty The Queen sent her message to the Editor, Jeremy Howe, of The Archers. The Queen’s message was read by Louiza Patikas who plays Helen Archer.

She said: “As one of your greatest fans, and sadly unable to join you this evening, I will be thinking of you all and raising a glass to mark over a quarter of a million minutes of Archers magic from the last 72 years.

Thank you for bringing joy, companionship, laughter, tears, compassion and understanding to your audience across the globe. Here’s to the next 20,000 episodes – and, let’s hope, the end of Rob Titchener once and for all! Camilla R.” Here are seven photos of the Queen with the cast of the show over the years: