11 oldest restaurants in Birmingham that are surviving the test of time - in chronological order

Here are 11 restaurants in Birmingham that have been around for many years and are a part of the city’s landscape now

Birmingham has several restaurants that have been in the city for many years - with some having lasted for hundreds of years. Then, there are those that are several decades old and tell the tale of how the city has changed through time.

The food you can get in Birmingham tells the story of the city and its communities. The number of Michelin starred restaurants reveal how the city’s fortunes have changed while the proliferation of Cantonese restaurants and curry houses reveal how migration and ethnic minorities have changed Birmingham over the years.

However, hospitality has also suffered due to the cost-of-living and several amazing bars and restaurants had to close their doors in the past year.

But, some restaurants have stood the test of time and become part of the community by. They have become places to see old faces, where the staff greets you by name, and meet your mates. You can find probaly a restaurant like that in each part of Birmingham - whether it is the city centre or the suburbs.

You can let us know if there is a restaurant in your neighbourhood that has been around for decades and is an integral part of your community.

Meanwhile, here are 11 restaurants in Birmingham that have been around for many years: