Premier League table based on 21/22 attendances - Where Aston Villa, Liverpool, Manchester United all rank

We’ve looked at each club’s average attendance so far during 21/22 and turned it into table form so you don’t have to.

Wednesday, 23rd March 2022, 11:17 am

The size of a club’s fan base doesn’t equal success.

It can certainly help in terms of revenue and quality of player one can usually attract but it’s something that is never guaranteed.

Manchester United average over 40,000 more fans at every home game than Wolverhampton Wanderers do at Molineux and yet just four points and two places separate the two in the Premier League table.

Sunderland who now sit struggling to fight their way out of League One on some occasions this year have doubled the attendance that Premier League side Brentford average week in and week out but there’s no prizes for guessing who’s the happier out of the two fan bases.

It’s always a topic that gathers interest and having already done a comparison of The Championship table, it’s only right to do one of the Premier League too.

We’ve given a full run down of highest to lowest attendances from the 21/22 season so far and compared that to the current real time position of each team.

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