Into the top three and West Brom fans continue to back their team well despite relegation from the Premier League with over 23,000 attending the Hawthorns on average.(Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images)

Championship table based on 21/22 attendances: Sheffield United on top, Luton & Cherries flipped upside down

The size of a fanbase doesn’t equal success but what if it did? We’ve taken a look at the Championship’s average attendances throughout 21/22 to see where each team would rank.

Monday, 21st March 2022, 4:11 pm

Who’s a bigger club than who will always be a debate among football fans and we wouldn’t have it any different.

Rivals giving it the big’un online and giving their solid reasoning’s (or not) for why their team is bigger will never die. Where it’s ‘we won the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy once,’ or ‘we’ve got more fans than you,’ - it’s damn important to you.

Those opinions are engraved in us and our they will never change no matter how many valid or invalid opinions are placed upon us. ‘You’re entitled to your opinion but it is very much wrong,’ is the one and only correct mindset when defending our clubs.

Attendances will always be an interesting one though.

They do for the most part show the popularity of certain clubs and bigger attendances generate increased revenue - again, for the most part anyway.

Watching teams like Brentford and Bournemouth win promotion to the Premier League in recent years whilst Portsmouth and Sunderland struggle to make their way out of League One proves in itself that size sometimes doesn’t matter.

But what if it did? What would this year’s Championship table look like based solely on average attendances of each team.

We’ve given a full run down of highest to lowest attendances from 21/22 and compared that to the current real time position of each team.

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