Where can I donate for Ukraine in Birmingham? How to make money and clothes donations at a charity near me

As Russia’s invasion on Ukraine intensifies, here’s how you can help those in need.

The United Nations claim that around 1.5 million Ukrainians have fled for their safety as Russia continues its attack.

Filippo Grandi, Commissioner of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has said that “This is the fastest-moving refugee crisis we have seen in Europe since the end of the second world war.”

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has said that as many as 12 million people still inside Ukraine will need humanitarian help and support.

The UNHCR also said it expected as many as four million people to leave Ukraine as refugees over the coming months.

So where you can donate clothes and more in Birmingham to help support refugees and people in need?

Bearded Broz

Bearded Broz is a community group that was founded in 2017, in Smethwick, Sandwell.

During the pandemic, the group delivered thousands of food parcels, and are now appealing for clothes to help Ukrainians fleeing the country.

Within an hour of his appeal for clothes and more, Hameed said he received his first donation, adding: “Our fellow human beings are in trouble, they’re trying to flee the war”.

You can donate to Bearded Broz at their depot in Crystal Drive, Smethwick.

You can find out more about the group on Twitter, and by visiting the Bearded Broz website.

Moseley Hive

Moseley Hive are holding two events in Birmingham on Friday, March 4 and Sunday, March 6 where they are accepting donations.

To help further, you can volunteer on the event dates to help collect, sort and package items donated.

Moseley Hive released a list of items they are asking for in a Facebook post, where they request items such as first aid kits, thermal blankets, nappies and more.

You can attend the events at The Hive, 93 Alcester Road, with the event running from 9am - 8pm.


A woman from Solihull has set up a GoFundMe page, where people can donate money online.

GoFundMe is an easy - and virtual - way to donate money.

On her GoFundMe page, the creator, Lisa Kay, says: “My name is Lisa. I have many friends here in the UK and around the world. My Polish friends and family are experiencing an exodus of Ukrainian refugees, predominantly women and children.

“As such there is a shortage of food, baby equipment and clothing. I’m setting this Go Fund Me to work alongside a Polish Go Fund Me Page but from the UK.

“I’d really appreciate everyone sharing this page and lets get as much as we can for these people, who do not deserve what they are currently going through.

“This particular fundraiser will go to Tychy Town in Poland, helping thousands of fleeing Ukrainians. All funds will be controlled and made public to show that every penny raised will be sent to them.”

The goal is currently to raise £10,000. You can donate by visiting the GoFundMe page, and clicking ‘donate now’.

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross has launched a ‘Ukraine Crisis Appeal’ and is urging people to donate what money they can via the British Red Cross website.

Your Donation will go towards ‘essential supplies’ such as food, water, first aid, medicines, warm clothes and shelter.

On its official website the British Red Cross states: “We are gravely concerned about the intensification of fighting in Ukraine over the past few days.

“People are losing their homes and lives; families are being separated. Essential services, like water and healthcare, are under threat.

“Please donate today if you can.”

A spokesperson for the charity said that donating money is “the quickest, safest and most direct way of helping people and supporting the Red Cross in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.”

In Birmingham, a British Red Cross centre can be found in Bradbury House on Lowe Street around nine minutes from the city Centre.


Oxfam is also urging people to donate to help the people suffering in Ukraine.

A press release on their website says: “As a humanitarian organisation, Oxfam is horrified by the loss of life being witnessed, and gravely concerned by the impacts of the conflict in Ukraine.  We call for an immediate end to hostilities”

You can donate money online, or go in person to any of the  Oxfam centres in Birmingham city centre.A spokesperson for Oxfam said: “Donated items would be resold in our shops and online (which in turn raises as much money as possible for Oxfam’s work), or recycled. Oxfam does not send clothes overseas.”

The closest Oxfam store to the city centre is 14 minutes away, and is located on the high street in Harborne.

Save The Children

A Save the Children logo is seen outside the organisation's offices in central London on February 15, 2018

Save The Children has launched their Ukraine Crisis appeal, and is asking for money donations online via their website.

Their response to the crisis in Ukraine aims to reach 3.5 million families, giving them essential supplies such as clothing and blankets; providing cash and vouchers assistance to families to meet basic needs like food, rent and medicines; offering vital mental health and psychosocial support to children and their families and providing access to safe, inclusive, quality education.

Save The Children say on their website: “The war in Ukraine is forcing children and families in major cities into basements and bomb shelters to escape explosions.”

In Birmingham, a Save The Children pop-up shop is open in Sutton Coldfield, on Birmingham Road.