Birmingham weather alert - Met Office issues yellow status freezing fog warning

A yellow status fog warning is valid between 7.00pm on Friday and 11.00am on Saturday.

The Met Office has issued a yellow status weather warning of fog for Birmingham and other parts of the United Kingdom.

The weather alert will be active between 7.00pm on Friday evening and 11.00am on Saturday.

“Fog patches will form this evening, becoming more widespread overnight,” reads the warning on the Met Office website.

“Some dense fog patches are possible, with visibilities perhaps dropping to between 50 and 100 m in a few places.

“Conditions should slowly improve on Saturday, although a few areas of fog may last until afternoon across the east of the warning area,” the Met Office added.

What to expect

- Impaired visibility leading to hazardous driving conditions in places, and probable slower journey times especially by road; Delays to bus and train services are possible.

- There is a chance of delays or cancellations to flights.

Meanwhile, the temperatures in Birmingham are due to drop over the weekend.

The feels like temperature on Saturday morning is due to be as low as -2°C.

West Midlands weather forecast

Friday January 14 to Tuesday January 18

This Evening and Tonight:

Clear skies for most of the region this evening, but fog patches soon reforming, these becoming increasingly widespread and locally dense overnight, possibly giving some travel disruption in places. Cold with a widespread frost developing, especially in rural low-lying areas. Minimum temperature -5 °C.


A cold start with frost and freezing fog patches in places. It will be a much cloudier day overall than recently, however some sunshine is possible at times. Feeling chilly. Maximum temperature 8 °C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Remaining mostly dry and settled. Cloudy on Sunday morning with occasional light rain, but brighter later. Much sunnier on Monday after a frosty start. Probably turning somewhat cloudier by Tuesday.

(Source: The Met Office)