Jack Dromey: Tearful scenes as Harriet Harman pays tribute to late husband and fellow Labour MP Jack Dromey

There were tearful scenes in the House of Commons on Wednesday afternoon as MPs from all sides of the political divide gathered to honour Birmingham Erdington MP, Jack Dromey who sadly passed away suddenly last month at the age of 73.

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The last person to pay tribute to Mr. Dromey was his wife of 40 years and fellow Labour Party MP, Harriet Harman.

Ms. Harman thanked everyone across the United Kingdom for their help and support during what is a very difficult time for her and her family.

“I’d like to thank all those people around the country who have sent us cards, emails, texts, tweets, who posted on Facebook - to say to them that the memories they have shared with us and the respect they have shown for Jack have given so much comfort to me and his beloved family as we face the total shock of his sudden death from heart failure three weeks ago,” said Ms. Harman.

Ms. Harman, who was the deputy leader of the Labour party from 2007 to 2015, described the kindness her husband was so willing to show towards others as “a super power”.

“Jack was the polar opposite of the culture wars and the living embodiment of coalition that is the Labour Party.

“He spoke up for people and they heard him and that made them stronger - whether that was those he worked with or those he’d never met.”

Labour Party MP, Jack Dromey.

Ms. Harman added: “Much has rightly been said about his support for me in my work - it was phenomenal and it was unswerving.

“But it was not just because I was his wife, it was a matter of principal - Jack believed men should support and respect women and he detested men who he saw holding their wives back for their own self-interest.

“For all of us who received it, Jack’s support was a super-power - it made us all walk taller, it made us all feel stronger, we will so miss him.”

Tearful Labour Party MPs embraced Ms. Harman as she retook her seat.

Mr. Dromey’s funeral was held on January 31 in St Margaret’s Church, Westminster.

People in Erdington will elect a new MP when they go to the polls for a bye-election on March 3, 2022.

Labour has selected local councillor and NHS nurse of 25 years, Paulette Hamilton, to contest the seat.