Jack Grealish pokes fun at John Stones as he shares iconic photo from Manchester City bus parade

Jack Grealish has shared a stunning photo from the Manchester City bus parade, and poked fun at his teammate in the caption.

Jack Grealish and Kalvin Phillips stole the show in Manchester City’s treble parade.Jack Grealish and Kalvin Phillips stole the show in Manchester City’s treble parade.
Jack Grealish and Kalvin Phillips stole the show in Manchester City’s treble parade.

Jack Grealish is now a treble winner. The Solihull-born star, 27, delighted football lovers with his drunken antics over the past few days in celebration of his team’s historic achievement.

The Manchester City players immediately flew to Ibiza after lifting the Champions League trophy this Saturday (10 June). Grealish and his teammates partied until dawn, and then immediately took a plane back to Manchester to be home in time for their open-top bus parade.

Unfortunately for Grealish, his celebrations were brought to an abrupt end yesterday (13 June), as England manager Gareth Southgate demanded his squad meet at St George’s Park. The meeting was in preparation for the three lions upcoming EURO 2024 qualifier games. Grealish and his Manchester City teammates are not expected to be fit for this Friday’s (16 June) match against Malta.

The former Villa captain revealed he was in “a world of pain” yesterday as he recovered from his team’s celebrations spanning three days. He did however manage to muster the energy to post a picture of himself at the parade, and poked fun at teammate and fellow England international John Stones in the process.

Grealish initially posted the picture to Instagram, with the caption: “MANCHESTER IS BLUE 🏆🏆🏆”. City full-back Rico Lewis commented: “Hang it in the Loooouvre”, prompting Jack Grealish to re-post the picture to Twitter, using Lewis’s comment as the new caption.

The caption is a reference to an interview between City players Ilkay Gundogan, John Stones, and Erling Haaland. The trio were asked: “Out of all the places you’ve visited, which sites are the most memorable?” Gundogan and Haaland both agreed on the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, but John Stones listed the Louvre in Paris as his most memorable site. 

Stones’ teammates immediately erupted with laughter at the English centre-half’s pronunciation of the French museum. Stones, from Barnsley, emphasised the middle portion of the word, and was mocked by Erling Haaland as a result. The clip immediately went viral among football fans, who were astonished by the accuracy of the Norwegian striker’s Barnsley accent impersonation.

Some of Jack Grealish’s 1.3 million Twitter followers responded to the post. Peter Crouch said: “Some pic 😂”. Another added: “MVP of the parade 🏆😂”.