Watch: Yardley welcomes the Commonwealth Games at Oaklands Recreation Ground

The fifth Commonwealth Games Neighbourhood Festival was held at Oaklands Recreation Ground in Yardley - here’s how it all went

Oaklands Recreation Ground in Yardley hosted one of the seven neighbourhood festival sites set up to coincide with the Commonwealth Games. BirminghamWorld joined the celebration which locals said showed off their community spirit.

Victoria Square and Smithfield are the main festival sites which will be open throughout the whole length of the Commonwealth Games. However, there are still a few of these pop-up Festival sites still ahead.

Ian Jones, a circus performer at the Yardley festival site, speaks about why the Commonwealth Games are good for the city

Each one explores a different theme, such as today’s being a celebration of the human propensity to play. They also act as a platform for these iconic local areas to share what makes them unique to the visitors here in the city.

See how the celebrations in Yardley went in our video at the top our story and read some of the comments from people who attended the festival below.

Rock Climbing at the Yardley Commonwealth Games festival site

Ian Jones, a circus performer at the festival site, said: “Oh, I think it’s absolutely fantastic that we’ve had this opportunity for families, and everybody to sort of get together.

“It’s in school holiday time - completely for free. And it’s just children having whale of a time and having a blast. And it’s been really nice to sort of interact with different families from all over Birmingham. I’ve seen people from various different places today that have all come together and joined in for a bit of circus stuff. Bit of bubbles at the moment and, and yeah, just having a really good time.”

Yash, a volunteer for the Commonwealth Games, speaks about why he decided to volunteer

Yash, a volunteer for the Commonwealth Games, said: “The reason I volunteer for the Commonwealth Games is we need to showcase to the world what we can do. And that is what my main aim was.

“The other thing is, I believe that building the community is everybody’s responsibility. And they can participate in whichever way they can. And that’s what I’m doing. I give my free time. And make sure everybody has an excellent time here. And that was my main motivation.”

Arees speaks about why he loves the Commonwealth Games being in Birmingham

Arees said: “So today I’ve been taking pictures with the master himself - Perry Perry Chicken! Basically, about the Commonwealth Games, I think it’s a very good sport to boost our city - for people to come in and get a good view of our city”

These events are a once in a lifetime opportunity for the city, bringing local communities together to interact with the great artistry and ideas the city produces. More information on what’s happening around the city is available here: What’s happening at the Commonwealth Games today?

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