The 11 worst streets for parking in Birmingham, according to Brummies

We asked Brummies for their thoughts on the most difficult streets to park on around Birmingham - here’s what they said

Like many major cities, Birmingham has been blighted by some very bad parking over the years.

And there a number of streets around the city which are worse than others when it comes to pulling up in our cars, and driving in Birmingham isn’t always the easiest of tasks.

The city council is eager to promote the use of public transport, and has, of course, introduced the Clean Air Zone to improve emissions standards within the city centre - but still thousands of cars pass through Birmingham each day.

To find out how Brummies feel about the most difficult streets to park on, we asked our readers for their opinion on the matter.

BirminghamWorld also spoke with residents in Birmingham city centre about the worst street for parking in the city, which you can see in the video above.

Here are the top answers from local people about the worst roads to park on in Birmingham: