Birmingham local election results 2022 LIVE: latest on who has won council elections - as votes counted

The Birmingham local elections count is underway at Utilita Arena - here are the latest updates from our reporter

Polling stations in Birmingham closed at 10pm last night (Thursday, May 5) and the votes for the 2022 local elections are underway at Utilita Arena.

The count began at 9am this morning, with the earliest declarations expected as early as noon, or later this morning depending on turnout. Single member wards will be declared first.

Stay with BirminghamWorld today for all uptodate news and developments as they happen in counting centres across Birmingham.

Birmingham local election results 2022 LIVE: latest on who has won council elections - as votes counted

Key Events

  • All 101 seats at the council’s 69 wards are being contested
  • Polling stations closed at 9pm last night
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Sandwell Council - election results announcced

Labour  retains Sandwell Council despite three seat losses
Labour  retains Sandwell Council despite three seat losses
Labour retains Sandwell Council despite three seat losses

Sandwell Council results were counted overnight and the results are in.

Labour has retained control with the Conservatives gaining three seats.

It means Labour now has 61 seats in the council. The Conservatives have 10 seats, while there is one seat for the independent councillor.

Will the same pattern follow in Birmingham? We will keep you updated throughout the day.

The number of councillors for each party ahead of the 2022 local election

Birmingham City Council House
Birmingham City Council House
Birmingham City Council House

Labour have had overall control of Birmingham City Council since 2012. Ahead of this election they held 62 councillors. The main opposition is the Conservatives who held 28. Other parties which have seats on Birmingham City Council are the Liberal Democrats with eight councillors and the Green Party which has one councillor.

There are 101 seats up for grabs in the 2022 election, across the city’s 69 wards.

What’s happening at Solihull Council?

Like Birmingham, the count for the local elections began at 9am this morning. The count is taking place at Noth Solihull Sports Centre. Apparently there’s a lot of elastic bands being used! We will bring you the results as soon as we have them.

Back in Birmingham - there’s a lot of action around the ballot boxes at Utilita Arena

Counters are keeping busy at the count in Birmingham. The ballot boxes are ready and waiting for those votes to be clocked up.

Count is underway in Birmingham

The count is well underway in Birmingham.

Votes in all 69 wards and for 101 councillors will be counted for Birmingham City Council.

Results will be declared throughout the day. We will keep you updated with all the latest results.

What happened at the last local election?

The Labour Party currently has the majority of councillors on Birmingham City Council.

At the 2018 election, Labour won 67 seats, the Conservatives won 25 seats, the Liberal Democrats won eight seats and the Greens won one seat.

The Greens also gained their first seat at the 2018 election in the city, with Julien Pritchard winning Druids Heath and Monyhull.

This was the first ‘all-out’ election for Birmingham City Council following a boundary review, which reduced the number of councillors from 120 to 101, serving 69 wards (previously 40 wards).

Since the election, the city council has been composed of 37 single-member wards and 32 two-member wards.

Who are the candidates in the Birmingham City Council elections?

Independent hold
Independent hold
Independent hold

All 101 seats in all 69 wards of Birmingham City Council are being contested.

These are the candidates standing in Acocks Green and Allens Cross:

Acocks Green:

  • Amanda Caroline Baker, Green
  • Eamonn Kevin Flynn, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
  • John Anthony O’Shea, Labour
  • Malik Zafar Iqbal, Local Conservatives
  • Ninna Isabel Makrinov, Labour
  • Penny Wagg, Liberal Democrats
  • Roger Kingdon Harmer, Liberal Democrats
  • Sunil Shingadia, Local Conservatives

Allens Cross:

  • Claire Alexandra Fielden, Liberal Democrats
  • Daniel Brian Rust, Green Party
  • Eddie Freeman, Conservative Party Candidate
  • Jack Deakin, Labour and Cooperative Party


  • Ayoub Khan, Liberal Democrats
  • Dorothy Elizabeth Gerald, We Matter Party
  • Jahid Choudhury, Local Conservatives
  • Lokman Hakim, Local Local Conservatives
  • Muhammad Afzal, Labour Party
  • Mumtaz Hussain, Liberal Democrats
  • Nagina Kauser, Labour Party
  • Nazma Begum Meah, Breakthrough Party
  • Raymond George Coke, We Matter Party

You can see the name of every candidate standing in Birmingham, their party and the ward they are standing in, here.

Dogs at polling stations!

So while we’re waiting for the results... here’s a look back to the voting yesterday.

It’s become an election tradition to take your dog to a polling station and post a picture.

Anyone take their dog yesterday? We like the look of this pooch in Perry Barr

A bit more about the Birmingham polling stations...

So apparently #dogsatpollingstations isn’t the only tradition that Brummie voters are talking about these days.

It’s an interesting point to make about this polling station for Sparkbrook and Balsall Heath East! Wonder if #BoringPollingStations will catch on for future votes?

Ladywood Labour MP Shabana Mahmood on why Labour has gained council seats across the country

Shabana Mahmood, Labour MP for Birmingham Ladywood
Shabana Mahmood, Labour MP for Birmingham Ladywood
Shabana Mahmood, Labour MP for Birmingham Ladywood

Shabana Mahmood MP, who represents Ladywood, is Labour’s national campaign co-ordinator.

While the votes are still being counted in Birmingham, she talked about the gains her party has made so far, saying the reason for the gains were due to Labour offering an alternative on the cost of living.

She told LBC radio: “I think it is the cost-of-living crisis that is the key issue facing every household in the country – that is the issue on which the Conservative Party and Boris Johnson in particular have failed to offer anything to the voters of this country.

“And I think the Labour Party has had a solid showing in the results that we’ve seen coming in so far in these local elections because we’ve had an alternative to offer.”

She added she is “quite happy for them (the Conservatives) to steal our ideas and make them law”.

The Labour MP for Birmingham Ladywood also said Labour would be winning parliamentary constituencies in the north of England on the popular vote.

“If you look at what’s happening in the popular vote – the aggregate vote share as it’s known in these local elections – actually we would be winning parliamentary seats such as Workington, we would be winning in Copeland, we’d be winning back Hartlepool, Carlisle, Great Grimsby, Leigh, two seats in Wolverhampton, two seats in West Brom.

“That’s a lot of Tory MPs that would be losing their seats to the Labour Party in the next general election.”

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