Five things American tourists love about Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market

USA residents Jeremy and Cara paid a visit to Birmingham’s Christmas German Market, and they absolutely loved it - along with another Birmingham City Centre attraction

Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market is one of the things many of us love most about the city during the festive period - although there are a fair few Brummies who may not agree!

Millions of people from far and wide travel to the heart of Brum to indulge in the festivities at the market - also known as the German Market - including from as far away as the USA.

The Birmingham event is the largest authentic German Christmas market outside of Germany or Austria; offering a large range of traditional goods and gifts and a selection of tempting food and drink, as well as live music and community feel.

One US couple who attended this year’s market and have released a video on Youtube detailing their experiences of their first time in Birmingham and at a Christmas market in the UK - and their enthusiasm for our festive Brummie event is so heartwarming.

Jeremy and Cara from the Magic Geekdom Youtube channel have filmed their visit to the market - here’s five things they loved about it.

1. Walking around with Bratwurst! and German beer

The couple start off by trying some of the market favourites: bratwurst, and then a German beer. The couple said: “We really loved our visit to the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market. It’s the largest German Christmas market outside of Germany and Austria. There are so many foods, so many lights, and you can even walk around with your German beer and gluhwein just taking it all in.”

2. Christmas songs and Chris, the singing moose

Cara also enjoyed the mulled wine which comes in a tiny boot mug , and Jeremy liked the Christmas sing-along at the music stage. And they gave a special shout out to our Chris, the singing moose Jeremy said: “I feel like a visit to this Christmas Market would not be complete, with this guy - maybe the mascot? I don’t know, he’s got an amazing name, he’s Chris the moose, the singing moose head!”


3. Gluhwein just like back home in the USA

Reviewing the mulled wine, Cara says: “Mine came in a boot mug, so i’m excited about that! it’s a tint boot, and I don’t just mean the trunk of a small compact car. After tasting, she said: “That’s some gluhwein alright, it’s good. tasty, it’s just as good as the ones with my family at home.”

Visitors and Christmas shoppers enjoy Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas market
Visitors and Christmas shoppers enjoy Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas market
Visitors and Christmas shoppers enjoy Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas market

4. The best ever pretzels

Cara and Jeremy then try the camembert pretzel. The pretzel, which looked rather delicious, went down well with Cara, who said it was one of the best she’d ever tried.

“I would never think to stuff the pretzel with cheese and cranberry sauce but it works!” Jeremy added: “That is a combination that I would have never thought of by myself but that is exceptionally good.”

5. Variety and quantity of stalls

Cara mentioned that the market has stalls, and liked the variety.

She said: “There are many booths here, but then we keep finding new ones, like the beer ones and some of the food things, but then we keep finding new ones, like this place is selling some garlic bread, and i’m down with that too but I also just want another pretzel!”

A shout out to the world’s biggest Primark

The couple also paid a visit to the world’s biggest Primark during their night in the city, where Cara took a liking to one of the nation’s most loved food chains - Greggs! she specifically liked the croc shoes in Primark. Greggs has teamed up with Primark, opening their biggest cafe in store along with a Greggs clothing range.

Cara said: “I saw Primark and I had tunnel vision for some Greggs crocs, but they didn’t have them in there. They had some other Greggs stuff, like a bum bag which was tempting but not what I had in mind!”

Where to watch

For more information go to Jeremy and Cara’s Youtube channel, here.