Inside the 3-bed home on the market in stunning Birmingham village - but you must follow these strict rules

A wonderful cottage is now available to rent in Birmingham’s picturesque Bournville village - but you will have to follow these rules

A semi-detached 3-bedroom home is now available to buy in Bournville.

The stunning Maple Road family home is on the market for £515,000. The home is located in Bournville. Best known for being the home of Cadbury’s chocolate, the Birmingham area is seen as a model village, largely due to the Bournville Village Trust.

But the Trust, which was founded in 1900 by world famous chocolate-maker George Cadbury, has a design guide which residents are expected to follow. This means anyone who wants to move into this home will need to follow a set of rules, like other residents in the village.

The rules, which can be found in the Trust’s Design Guide, also include where residents are allowed to park their vehicles in the village and how to grow new hedges on the property.

Those who live in the town, and employees, are expected to maintain their homes to a certain standard, and if you live within the trust’s management scheme, locals also have to pay a charge to the group, reportedly between £120 and £130 a month.

The guide is in place to help sustain the town’s ‘idyllic atmosphere’.

So, let’s take a look inside this Bournville home.

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