The 11 best actors who played Brummies on TV according to our readers

These are the very best actors to have played Brummies on television

Birmingham has produced many incredible actors over the years, and it is also the birthplace of some high-flying actors who also went to school in the city.

The city-region has produced many eminent folk who have gone on to play a part in brilliant telelvision dramas as well as major films in the UK and abroad. The likes of David Harewood, Julie Walters, Adrian Lester and Felicity Jones were all born and bred in the city.

There have also been some brilliant, and some not-so-brilliant, portrayals of Brummies in television over the years. The Birmingham accent can be a tough one to impersonate but there have been some solid attempts over the years. Sophie Rundle, who played Ada in Peaky Blinders, said she had struggled with the accent at first as it wasn't a common one that was impersonated on television.

But who is the best at it and who has given the most convincing portrayal of Brummie?

We asked our readers on Facebook for their thoughts on who are the best actors at playing characters from Birmingham. Here's what they said:

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