10 of the best hidden gems for food and drink lovers in Birmingham

Fancy something a bit out of the ordinary? Want to try something a little unusual? You’ll be amazed what food and drink treasures are hiding away in Birmingham

We all have those tried and tested restaurants, cafes and bars we love to revisit time and time again, but sometimes it’s nice to break the norm and seek out something a little bit different.

Birmingham has a thriving food and drink scene but some of the best finds are actually the hidden gems often over-looked or unheard of by the majority. We’re probably all guilty of gatekeeping a few secrets spots!

Finding a hidden gem when it comes to food and drink is a delight. Often they’re squirrelled away down a side street or only known to a select few. In most cases they’re simply stumbled upon by chance, but either way there’s lots of joy to be found when you look a little outside of your comfort zone.

We asked local food and drink blogger Bite Your Brum to uncover some of the best spots across the city for those looking a food and drink experience with that little extra something to mix things up.

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