15 fun things to do indoors in Birmingham - including games, cinema and more

If you are looking for indoor activitis in Birmingham to keep your moods up in this gloomy weather, here are 15 things to do

The rain doesn’t have to mean it washes out all your plans for the weekend because there are several incredibly fun things to do in Birmingham that doesn’t need you to step out - except to reach these venues.

The city is stacked with arcade, board and ball games cafes and bars as well as bowling and mini-golf venues. There’s always the several restaurants, coffee places and food halls to explore as well. However, if you want to get your body and mind active this weekend - there’s a lot to do indoors.

If you don’t mind the rain, then there’s the Birmingham Festival 23 - a free festival in the centre of the city at Centenary Square. This is the last weekend the festival will be on this year and they have a great line-up of performances planed for the audiences.

However, that might not be everybody’s cup of tea and you might prefer some other activities that keep your moods up despite the gloomy weather today (August 5). The rain is expected to stay for most of the day and tomorrow (August 6) is predicted to be as cloudy, according to the MET office.

So, whether you are looking for family-friendly places or activities for adults to participate in, here are 15 fun things to do in Birmingham indoors: