7 budget-friendly decoration ideas and crafts to try this Halloween

Get crafty this Halloween with these budget-friendly ideasGet crafty this Halloween with these budget-friendly ideas
Get crafty this Halloween with these budget-friendly ideas
With Halloween approaching online retailer Studio noticed that searches for ‘cheap Halloween ideas’ have increased by 120% compared to this time last year.

To help those who want to add some horror to their home, Leanne O'Malley a home interior expert at Studio has shared 5 budget-friendly decorating ideas for the spooky season.

  1. Craft a creepy mummy with your empty jars

A cheap DIY hack for Halloween, which is both eco and family-friendly, is to create your own mummy glass jars. Take an empty glass jar (the type you’d find jam or pasta sauce in will work well) and wrap masking tape around the jar, mimicking the appearance of a mummy’s bandages.

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Make something new this HalloweenMake something new this Halloween
Make something new this Halloween

While wrapping the tape around the jar, you want to leave enough space, about a third of the way down your jar, for your mummy’s eyes. You can either draw these with a black marker pen or stick on some googly eyes.

These makeshift mummies are perfect to decorate your home or outdoor space on Halloween.

  1. Easy-Peasy Paper Chains

Making paper chains is a cost-friendly and fun craft, perfect for injecting Halloween flair into your home. Take several sheets of orange and black paper and cut equal-sized strips from it, using a ruler and scissors to cut strips.

To create your first link of the chain, glue the far ends of a strip together to make a ring. Then, thread your second piece of paper through your first link and stick the ends of this strip together too. Repeat this step to make your chain.

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  1. DIY Paper Cup Ghouls

Get into the spooky spirit by transforming a stack of paper cups into mini ghosts and ghouls.

A speedy DIY hack this Halloween, take a paper cup and turn it upside down. Using a pencil, draw a pair of eyes, mouth, and any other features you want your ghost to have, onto the cup. Once you are happy with your design, colour the pencil markings with a good-quality black marker.

  1. Create Atmosphere with Candles

Candles are the tried and true favourite for creating a cosy and warm home during the autumn and winter months. However, you may be overlooking just how much they could add to your interior’s spookiness.

  1. Mystify your Mirrors

If you have any mirrors lying around or stored away that you don’t use often, then this Halloween is the perfect time to get creative and make the most of them. Alternatively, you can purchase an affordable one online or buy one second-hand.

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Take a red pen or lipstick and write a spooky message on your mirror – you could either make this up yourself or borrow a memorable mantra from an iconic horror movie.

  1. Blow up the Balloons

Create on-theme balloon arrangements by opting for colours such as orange, black, and deep purple.

Blow up your balloons and then tie them together in fours, for a simple arrangement.

  1. Swap your Soft Furnishings

While there are plenty of fun and creative crafts to try this October, one of the easiest ways to decorate your home for Halloween is to swap out your soft furnishings.

If you are a Halloween fanatic and will likely decorate your home every year, purchasing Halloween-themed bedding and cushion covers is a cost-effective way to transform your home, time after time.