Commonwealth Games 2022: Take a look around the King Kong Pop Up Park in the Jewellery Quarter

King Kong park is located on Great Hampton Row, and is a must-visit this Commonwealth Games.

If you think the new tram ride gave you an eyeful of what the city centre has to offer, then wait till you reach the King Kong park on Great Hampton Row. It opened its gates today (Friday, July 22) and will be on for the next two weeks until the end of the Commonwealth Games 2022.

It’s just a two-minute walk from St Paul’s train station and tram stop to the makeshift free-for-all park set up by property developer Cordia Blackswan.

Managing Director of Cordia Blackswan, Marcus Hawley, had the brilliant idea in January this year to bring Kong back to Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games.

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    King Kong park

    At the opening ceremony of the park, Hawley was present with the two sons of artist Nicholas Monro, who made the original King Kong statute in the 1970s. Fifty years later, the giant gorilla is back in the city.

    The original was displayed in Manzoni Gardens in The Bull Ring for around seven months, but Brummies still remember it and have wanted it back since.

    While bringing the original Kong statue back proved difficult, Monro and his family gave their blessing for it to be recreated. And, this time, it’s bigger than you imagined.

    At 7m tall, there is no way to miss it. If you stand next to it, you’d be reminded of all the reasons this giant gorilla is famous.

    One of the artist’s sons’, Joe Monro, said: “When I was first told about it back in February I thought there was no chance to get Kong ready in time for the Commonwealth Games. It’s been a huge effort from everyone.”

    Joe Monro with King Kong

    “I really hope Birmingham embraces Kong,” he said.

    However, Joe has not watched any of the new King Kong movies and his father based it on the original Kong book.

    George Munro said that his father is doing poorly and is bedridden but he’s been shown the pictures of the new Kong. “Our family is immensely proud,” he said.

    More of Nicholas’ works will be on display on Tuesday at The Bank.

    Speaking fondly of his father, George added that his childhood has been full of pop art. “My dad was always making crazy sculptures. They were always around us. All of his friends were artists,” he said.

    What to do when you are in King Kong park?

    Where: King Kong Park, Great Hampton Row, Birmingham B193JP.

    Since school’s out and children are restless, this is a great place for a family day. The open-air park is surrounded by food trucks, live music, and great coffee from The Borrow Shop. There’s amazing food from the Hockley Social Club, Meat Meets Bun, and others.

    King Kong park

    Sip on refreshing cocktails and feast on tasty grills and burgers, while your children can run around, because the park also has a relay race area - based on the Queen’s Baton Relay.

    The city has come alive and is offering the best it has to offer to visitors and locals during Commonwealth Games. Add this destination to your itinerary, while you stroll through the pathways of the Jewellery Quarter.

    To find out what’s happpening each day at the King Kong Pop Up Park check out our daily update on all the action at the Commonwealth Games here

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