Christmas Penguin Parade Trail in Birmingham city centre: Where to find the 15 sculptures

There are 15 festive penguin sculptures placed across Birmingham city centre for the Penguin Parade Trail to celebrate Christmas this year

There is no need to travel half-way across the world to see penguins this Christmas - because a 15 strong colony of huge sculptures of the acquatic sea birds are in Birmingham - only you will have to go in search of them.

The 15 sculptures have been placed across the city for the Penguin Parade Trail this year for you to find. It brings together Birmingham’s love for large sculptures and Christmas cheer while encouraging people to donate for a good cause.

The Penguin Parade Trail is also the second time this year that Brummies have been encouraged to go on a mission to look for statues. Remember Perry from Commonwealth Games? There were 18 statues of the mascot across the city that made the Games not just a spectator event but also interactive.

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    In Christmas 2022, Birmingham residents walked the Snowman Trail and previously, hunted for owls for The Big Hoot Project in 2015 and bears for Big Sleuth in 2017.

    Not only do these installations add to the cheerful mood but also helps us stay active. Walking the Penguin Parade Trail is a great way to get fit and active. And, invite as many people as you want since it’s all free.

    The trail goes live on November 9, 2022 and will go on till January 6, 2023. At the base of the sculpture, there will be a QR code - which can be used to send donations to Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital.

    Birmingham’s Penguin Parade Trail in Great Western Arcade

    The local artists behind the penguins & locations

    1. Buddy The Elf Penguin in Selfridges (in store)

    He was designed and painted by Megan H Smith Evans (@meganevansartist). This penguin is a good friend to Santa and likes to help his friend during this season.

    2. It’s Penguining to look a lot like Christmas! in Bullring (Rotunda Square)

    This sculpture was inspired from nesting wooden dolls, known as Matryoshka dolls. It was designed and painted by Laura Kate Draws (@laurakatedraws).

    3. Percy The Party Penguin in Primark (In store)

    This was designed and painted by Reilly Creative (@reillycreative). And, this penguin likes to party.

    4. In The Deep (Midwinter) in Piccadilly Arcade

    This was designed and painted by Sue Guthrie (@sueguthrie11). Penguins are graceful is water and that’s what this sculpture depicts.

    5. Snowy in The Mailbox

    This penguin is all about the snow-capped peaks of the Alps. This is designed and painted by R P Roberts (@rp_roberts).

    6. Kevin The Kinguin in Great Western Arcade

    This sculpture brings together the colours and delicate feathers of a Kingfisher with the build of a penguin. It’s designed and painted Caroline Daly (@missdalypaints).

    7. Santa Paws in German Christmas Market (Victoria Square)

    Santa Paws is inspired by the Christmas clothing pets are made to wear. It’s designed and painted by Jessica Perrin(@jessp_illustrates).

    8. The Road to Giverny in Corporation Street (Outside Cass Art)

    This penguin is inspired by Monet’s 1885 painting of the same name. It is designed and painted by Studio Glenn (@studio.glen).

    Birmingham’s Penguin Parade Trail in Piccadilly Arcade

    9. Vitamin P in Corporation Street (Outside House of Fraser)

    Vitamin P is a reminder for everyone to eat their fruit and vegetables this winter. It is designed and painted by Mikesian Studio (

    10. Helter Skelter in Cathedral Square

    This penguin is inspired by a love of nostalgic fairground rides such as a helter skelter and carousel. Designed and painted by Amanda Quellin (@amandaquellinart).

    11. The Forest At Christmas in Church Street Square

    This penguin is a take on an enchanting snow-covered forest at Christmas. It was designed and painted by Jodie Silverman (@jodiesilverman).

    12. Mr Easy Freezy in Ice Skate Birmingham (Centenary Square)

    Mr Easy Freezy gives a nod to the classic 90’s penguin track race game. Designed and painted by Jenny Leonard (@jennyleonardart).

    13. Pullover Penguin in Hurst Street (outside Hippodrome)

    This penguin likes to stay cozy in its jumper having arrived from the Arctic. Designed and painted by Donna Newman (@eden_designs_murals).

    14. Tiffany in New Street Station

    This penguin is inspired by the beauty of Tiffany stained glass. Designed and painted by Lois Cordelia (@loiscordelia).

    15. The Emperor in Navigation Street

    This is a classic Emperor Penguin. Designed and painted by Amanda Quellin (@amandaquellinart).

    Here is the map for the trail and the Christmas events in the city centre:

    Map of Penguin Parade Trail (Credit - Visit Birmingham)

    What Central BID said

    The Penguin Parade has been arranged and funded by Central BID working with Wild in Art.

    Sam Watson, Chair of Central BID, said: “Families travelled from far and wide last year to enjoy our wonderful Snowman trail and support Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity through donations.

    “This year’s Penguin Parade will be even more magical and we’re looking forward to welcoming thousands of visitors to the city centre to enjoy the trail and our great shopping, dining and attractions which will make Birmingham city centre a special place to be this Christmas.”