Don’t forget your toothbrush: the essential items you must pack

To make your journey hassle-free and as comfortable as possible, a little preparation can go a long way.To make your journey hassle-free and as comfortable as possible, a little preparation can go a long way.
To make your journey hassle-free and as comfortable as possible, a little preparation can go a long way.
They’re the essential items no seasoned traveller leaves home without – now all holidaymakers are being told exactly what to take to the airport to make a long-haul flight bearable.

Holiday-makers jetting off on long flights have been offered tips on the essentials to take on board.

The holiday car rental experts at have identified the most important long-haul items that will ensure you arrive at your destination feeling fresh and ready for your holiday.

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To make your journey hassle-free and as comfortable as possible, a little preparation can go a long way.

Among the items to pack are beauty and hygiene essentials, including a good moisturiser and baby wipes, plus a travel pillow and sleep mask to help you relax and catch some z’s.

A spokesperson for said: “Spending hours in the plane can put people off from travelling to long-haul destinations.

“However, long flights should not limit you from seeing beautiful places around the world, as there are ways to make sure your journey goes without a hitch.

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“Packing a few essentials into your hand luggage can make your experience much more comfortable and relaxing.”

Here are’s long flight essentials:

1 Travel pillow and sleep mask

If you’re going to be in the air for hours, then you will need to get some sleep. If you don’t have a travel pillow, you could wake up with a stiff neck and shoulders. A travel mask will help block out the harsh plane lighting when you’re ready for a nap.

2 Earplugs

You are exposed to a wide variety of irritating noises while flying that may prevent you from sleeping or relaxing. This is why you should get a pair of earplugs when you’re travelling for a long time. Blocking out the noises of air conditioning, engine sounds, crying children and other distractions, earplugs make air travel much more pleasurable.

3 Lip balm and moisturiser

The air in planes is very dry, so use lip balm and moisturiser to keep your lips and skin well hydrated throughout the flight. Just make sure you adhere to the airline's regulations and don't carry any containers that hold more than 100ml.

4 Toothpaste and toothbrush

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If you’re on an overnight flight, then don’t forget to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste, so you can freshen up on the plane or at the airport. Pick up a travel version – they hardly take up any space.

5 Scarf

The air conditioning on airplanes can be a little chilly. Pack a scarf or sarong in your hand luggage to wrap yourself up in if you get cold.

6 Outfit change

It’s always worth putting an extra outfit in your hand luggage so you can get changed into a clean set of clothes once you arrive at your destination. It’s especially useful if you’re flying somewhere with a completely different climate.

7 Essential medicines

Hopefully you won’t have to use them, but it’s good to pack some essential medicines in your carry-on bag just in case you feel unwell during the flight. If you have prescription medication that’s over 100ml, then make sure you familiarise yourself with the regulations of the airline - many airlines allow you to take it on board, but you’ll have to provide a doctor’s letter.

8 Hand sanitiser

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Good hygiene is crucial when travelling if you want to avoid germs and viruses. Although there will be hand sanitising stations at the airport, make sure to take your own small hand sanitiser on board and use it regularly throughout the flight.

9 Hairbrush and hairbands

A long flight can leave you hair looking messy and wild, especially if you’re sleeping on the plane. A travel brush will fold away and take up the tiniest amount of space.

10 Headphones

The free headphones handed out during a long flight aren’t the best. Bring your own noise-cancelling headphones so you can block out the surrounding noise and concentrate on your movie or music.

11 Portable power bank

If you’re on a really long flight, then your device will probably run out of charge. A portable power bank is the best tool in those situations, especially if you have your tickets or important documents saved on your device that you will need once you arrive. Don’t forget to pack the cable for recharging your portable battery so you can use it during your trip and return flight as well.

12 Water bottle

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A long flight will dehydrate you, so take your own water bottle and ask the cabin crew to fill it up. Collapsible bottles are especially useful when travelling, because you can fold them up so they don’t take much space in your bag.

13 Gum

Chewing gum is great if you’re susceptible to pressure changes and popping ears. It’s also handy if you want to freshen your breath, plus the mint flavoured gum can relieve nausea if you’re prone to travel sickness.

14 Wet wipes

A long flight can leave you feeling grubby. Pack a small pack of baby wipes and you can give yourself a quick wash before you reach your destination. Sanitising wipes are useful for when you want to disinfect your seat and table before you get comfortable.

15 Snacks

Last but not least, don’t forget to pack plenty of snacks that will last you for the duration of your flight. This way you can save money by avoiding buying the expensive snacks from the food trolley on the plane.