Final Premier League ‘dirtiest’ teams table compares Wolves, Man City, Leeds United and Brighton - gallery

Ranked by total cards received, here are statistically the ‘dirtiest’ teams in the Premier League.

The Premier League proved once again throughout the 2022-23 season that it is one of the most physically challenging football divisions on the planet.

As a result, teams have to work extra hard in order to excel against their opponents every week and players often push themselves to the limit.

Disciplinary actions are plenty in the English top flight as referees are seen dishing out lots of yellow - and sometimes red - cards every match day.

In fact, officials brandished a total of 1,353 yellows and 30 reds this season just gone, with the team with the most receiving 88 cards on their own.

But which sides are the most prolific card receivers and can therefore be seen as the ‘dirtiest’ in the division?

Ranked by the most ‘points’ collected - one for a yellow, three for a red via a second yellow, and five for a straight red - here are the dirtiest sides, sourcing data from Transfermarkt.