Bruno Lage: ‘I say to him [Raul Jimenez], I call the FBI, Mexican police, everyone’

Raul Jimenez has failed to score for Wolves since returning from the injury that nearly ended his career

Bruno Lage says he will get Raul Jimenez sent to jail if he decides to remove his headgear again during a match.

Jimenez pulled the protection from his head during the Premier League loss to Brentford out of frustration following a missed chance.

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And whilst Lage says he completely understands the frustration, he joked that he would get the Mexican arrested if he did so again.

One to watch: Wolverhampton Wanderers' Raul Jimenez. (Picture: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire)

“He knows (he has to wear it). I already talk with him,” he said.

“Next time if you take it off, I’ll call FBI, Mexican police, everyone comes and you go to jail. No problem.

“I say to him, I call FBI, Mexican police, everyone.”

The Portuguese manager added that the reason he created a laugh out of the whole ordeal was to relieve pressure on the struggling Jimenez but didn’t want the humour to take away from what is, of course, the very serious reasoning behind him having to wear it.

“It was an emotional thing. He missed an easy goal and he made the decision to take it off.

“Nobody more than him wants to play and to score goals and he comes with a great motivation to help us and he knows he needs to wear his protection. But sometimes you need to joke about these  things just to give more importance to the question.

“He knows he has to do it and he needs to wear the protection.

“Not just for the protocol but after he finish the game he has his own life with his wife, with his family, with his sons and with his dogs because every time in a morning when I pass he’s walking the dogs in his street. Do not forget that.”