The Premier League teams with the most and least penalties awarded - including Aston Villa, Chelsea, Arsenal and Newcastle United - gallery

Who are the Premier League teams with the most penalties awarded this season?

Being awarded penalties is part and parcel of being in any football division on the planet but the worldwide focus on the Premier League makes spot kicks a particularly controversial topic in England’s top tier.

The presence of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has made things even more contentious, with subjectivity still existing with the ‘clear and obvious error’ argument, despite its purpose to stop such confusion.

Some decisions have been so questionable that fans have questioned whether VAR should exist at all, or whether match officials should be brought in from abroad leagues where the standard is supposedly higher.

It does make sense that supporters feel this way, as it’s a rarity to have a weekend of football without refereeing calls taking centre stage. There are also some teams with far more penalties awarded than others.

At the time of publication, a total of 32 penalties have been awarded in the Premier League throughout 2023/24, with one team having as many as six but others having just a handful - or none at all.

With that in mind, BirminghamWorld has taken a look at the sides with the most spot kicks received this campaign. Flick through the pages to see from the least to the most.