Stunning all-time Premier League table ranks Aston Villa, Liverpool, Newcastle United, Arsenal, Chelsea and rivals by total points since 1992 - retro gallery

Here’s how all 51 teams to ever play in the Premier League rank by total points since the division began in 1992.

The Premier League is now well and truly back up and running after the summer break and there have already been some outstanding matches up and down the division.

Supporters all over the planet – especially up and down England – had been waiting for the moment action returned and it hasn’t disappointed.

But now fans must be patient once again as the September international break halts action for around two weeks.

This gap provides a good opportunity to have a recount of the all-time Premier League standings, including how West Midlands sides Aston Villa and Wolverhampton Wanderers fare.

51 teams have been fortunate enough to take on the English top tier since 1992. Luton Town are the latest, although they are yet to pick up a single point.

With that in mind, here’s how every single club compares to one another based on total points. Flick through the pages for a full run-down.