The Premier League’s most valuable U21 players - including Wolves, Man Utd, Liverpool, Spurs and Man City men - gallery

This stunning table unveils the top 25 highest market value under-21 players in the Premier League.

The Premier League is the most prestigious and famous footballing division in the world and it often attracts the planet’s very best players as a result.

Not only does it have the biggest financial backing and reputation out of any league, but it also poses some of the best youth academies to match.

No matter whether sourced from local areas or abroad, young talent is able to flourish due to the impressive facilities boasted by Premier League clubs.

This ability to nurture potential paired with the global attention each and every matchday gains, the English top flight enables plenty of youngsters to build worldwide notability.

In turn, their values often skyrocket – especially when the transfer interest racks up from Premier League rivals and teams abroad.

But which players in particular have the highest market value? Based on the latest data from Transfermarkt, here are the 25 most valuable under-21 players.