Premier League home-only table ranks the best 'fortresses' - including Aston Villa, Liverpool, Man Utd, Brighton and rivals - gallery

Here's how all 20 teams in the Premier League rank for total points across home matches during the 2023/24 season.

Premier League teams, more often than not, feel the positive impact of playing at home compared to on the road due to the strength in numbers from supporters.

The effect of familiarity also plays its part as players can get used to the pitch surface and facilities. Clubs can also tailor to their individual needs with greater control.

Sides benefit results-wise from playing at their own grounds, too, with 46 per cent of matches in 2023/24 seeing home wins. Away teams, meanwhile, win just 33 per cent of the time.

But which teams have performed the best at home this season and can therefore be judged to have the most intimidating fortresses? From the worst to the least, here are all 20 points totals.