Premier League ‘dirtiest teams’ table - including Aston Villa, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Brighton - gallery

Here’s how all 20 Premier League clubs compare for ‘dirtiness’ levels throughout the 2023/24 season so far.

The Premier League has built up a reputation of being one of the most - if not the most - competitive footballing divisions in the world over the years.

This has particularly been the case during the 2023/24 season so far, with the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea struggling while Brighton & Hove Albion have upset the apple cart.

With this competitiveness comes great physicality and that can often mean there are plenty of break-ups in play - and fouls given away - throughout matches.

Refereeing is vitally important and so is the presence of punishments for teams, with officials often brandishing yellow and red cards during games. But which sides have been in the book the most?

Based on data collated by Transfermarkt, here’s how all 20 Premier League clubs rank in the ‘dirtiest teams table’, with one point per yellow card, three for each second yellow and five for a red.