Championship 'dirtiest players' table exposes Birmingham City, QPR, Sheffield Wednesday, Middlesbrough and Stoke City men - gallery

The 25 dirtiest players in the Sky Bet Championship have been exposed.

The Sky Bet Championship is not only one of the most entertaining football divisions in Europe but also one of the most competitive.

Every ball is fought for and only the most physical and talented will come out on top in various battles up and down the league.

Referees, albeit critiqued plenty, have a tough job keeping the action as civil as possible, especially during the tightest of matches.

Around 21 fouls are given every game on average, meaning the officials’ whistles and cards are called into action regularly.

But who are the players who can be judged to be the dirtiest of all? From the least to most, here are the top 25 foulers in the Championship.