Championship attendance table compares staggering home turnouts for West Brom, Leicester City, Middlesbrough, Coventry City and rivals

An updated look at the 2023-24 average home attendance figures for all 24 teams in the Sky Bet Championship.

The Sky Bet Championship is definitely lower in quality on the field in comparsion to the Premier League but there's barely a reduction when it comes to the level of support from fans.

All 24 clubs have played either 29 or 30 games throughout the 2023/24 season so far and a total of over eight million spectators have shown their faces, averaging out at 22,864 per game.

For comparison, and this is taking into account the 60,000+ capacities of Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United, the mean figure in the Premier League is 38,584 per fixture.

The commitment, dedication and enthusiasm of fans supporting teams in the English second tier simply cannot be overlooked, particularly so given the standard of play is worse than in the top flight.

But which sides see the most substantial turnouts week in, week out? As per data from Transfermarkt, here's how all 24 clubs compare for their average home attendance.