Birmingham City fans arrive at the stadium prior to the Sky Bet Championship match between Birmingham City and Reading at St Andrew's Trillion Trophy Stadium

The staggering distance Birmingham City fans will travel away next season including Sunderland & Middlesbrough games

Following the Blues away up and down the country? Here’s the distance you’ll be covering.

Friday, 24th June 2022, 2:13 pm

It’s been written in many a piece about just how good Birmingham City fans are when it comes to travelling in numbers.

There aren’t many like it at Championship level or even in the top flight.

After a decade of mediocrity or worse in England’s second tier, you’d think many would sack it off but that’s yet to happen and it probably never will.

Whether it’s West Brom away just down the road or Norwich City away on a Tuesday night, you can guarantee there will be a huge Blues contigent there and that’s why regardless of the lack-of success, you wouldn’t follow any other club.

And the uncertainty heading into 22/23 is as rife as it has ever been surrounding ownership, management and players.

Add to that the cost of fuel at the minute and fans wouldn’t be begrudged for staying at home.

That isn’t going to happen though. Keep right on until the end, is the chant, right?

For those and there will be many of you, hardy fans planning to head away week in and week out, BirminghamWorld have looked at the total mileage you’ll be racking up in order from shortest distance to longest.

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