Recently promoted Aston Villa are looking to sign Liverpool's Daniel Sturridge, but could lose out to Serie A side Bologna. (Daily Express)

How Birmingham City’s free agent filled squad will look at the start of the 22/23 season according to Football Manager

What kind of summer are Football Manager predicting for Lee Bowyer’s men?

Thursday, 9th June 2022, 11:04 am

Birmingham City look to be facing another difficult summer ahead with uncertainties around everything from players to management to ownership.

With things as they are at current, though, it looks at they very at least that Lee Bowyer will remain in charge with BSHL looking over the club.

If that is the case, loans and free agents will likely be the way to go in terms of recruitment when the transfer window opens in days to come.

It’s hard to predict who the Blues will be able to attract in terms of incomings and with no solid rumours yet in the air, we’ve done the only logical thing and taken to Football Manager to see what business they are predicting at St Andrew’s.

The popular video game franchise is renowned for its meticulous detail and authentic approach to the world of, well, football management, and we thought we’d take a look into the future by fast forwarding to the end of the 2022 transfer summer transfer window.

Aside from the fact the team has an average age of 68, it is relatively realistic for the most part. Mainly because there wasn’t a fee spent on a player at all throughout the summer.

Check out Birmingham City’s in-game starting XI from the first day of the 2022/23 Championship season below...

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