Ciaran Clark was sent off for Newcastle United during their 1-1 draw with Norwich City earlier in the season.

Where Aston Villa, Wolves & Leicester City sit in Premier League disciplinary table as ‘dirty Leeds’ live up to name

Aston Villa were among the most carded teams in 2021/22.

By all means enjoy it, but enjoy it by being disciplined!

Those were the famous words said by one Neil Warnock during a half-time speech and we’ll tell you what, he’s not wrong.

Disciplinary issues on the field within a football club can be the difference between three points and none or in the bigger picture, relegation or survival.

If you’re 1-0 up in a up after 10 minutes in a must-win game, the last thing you need is someone losing their head and clattering into an opposition player who is going nowhere.

As football fans we’ve all seen players on our team do it too and the frustration when you see it happen never fades.

The classic Roy Hodgson GIF where he looks happy and then his head suddenly drops - that’s the exact feeling we all experience.

But before we get even more distracted, it’s time to look at last season’s Premier League disciplinary table to see who stayed on their feet the most and who let tensions boil over one too many times.

The table is ranked from 20th to 1st with the team in 20th having the best record and the one in 1st boasting more cards than kid’s birthday party.

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