The staggering Premier League prize money Aston Villa and Wolves are on track to earn this season

Villa and Wolves are set to rake in millions.

Monday, 16th May 2022, 1:41 pm

With the Premier League heading into its final week, there is still plenty to play for all across the division.

The title race, battle for Europe, and relegation dogfight are all to be decided, and while Aston Villa and Wolves may have relatively little to play for, there’s no shortage of financial incentives up for grabs, with prize money in the offing.

Prize monies for the Premier League include television and broadcasting revenue at the close of each season, while the higher in the table a club finishes, the more money they receive.

The prize money is divided into equal share, facilities, international TV rights, commercial revenue and merit share, with the merit payment based on league position.

But how much are Villa and Wolves expected to earn, and how do these figures stack up across the Premier League?

Check out the full rankings below...

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