A draw out transfer saga which sealed a move to Aston Villa soured Bent's spell at Sunderland - after netting 36 times across two seasons after being snapped up by Bruce. He is currently working as a pundit after finding himself without a club.

The ludicrous amount of money former Aston Villa, Arsenal and current Chelsea stars charge for Cameo video messages

Latest research reveals how much current and past football stars are charging for a Cameo ‘video message’

Tuesday, 14th June 2022, 1:09 pm

You’ve probably heard of Cameo and if not here’s a quick run down.

It’s a video messaging site, sort of like a short-form version of YouTube but you pay celebrities to create personalised messages for you.

From Hollywood actors to past and present footballers - there’s plenty of big names on there and there’s a good chance one of you heroes has an account.

It sounds pretty good in fairness but if you’re thinking of buying a friend or relative a personalised message from a favourite of theirs - you might want to check some of the prices first.

Caitlyn Jenner, for example, charges a whopping $2,500 for ONE video! 30 seconds of her time will set you back over two-thousand Great British pounds!

Not a bad day’s work.

Footballers aren’t quite asking for those numbers but they still don’t come cheap.

There are over 300 former and current football players believed to be offering personalised videos on Cameo with former professionals like Peter Shilton and Jimmy Bullard charging £95 and £99 per video respectively, but which players charge the most?

Here, courtesy of research conducted by bettingodds.com, BirminghamWorld take a look at how much footballers charge per video on Cameo and where some familiar names to north east football rank.

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