Premier League table without VAR sees shocks for Aston Villa, Liverpool, Brighton and Leeds United - gallery

Here’s how the Premier League table would look for the 2022/23 season if VAR didn’t exist - including some huge shifts in the European and relegation fights.

The 2022/23 Premier League season has been an exciting one with plenty of surprises along the way. From a remarkable Aston Villa resurgence to Brighton & Hove Albion flying and Chelsea sinking, there have been shocks at both ends of the table.

Just two matches remain for most with the odd game in hand for a few clubs in the division but that doesn’t mean the battles are over just yet. The fight for Europe is still open and there’s still uncertainty as to which sides could get relegated.

It’s so tight in both cases that the odd point here and there could make all the difference - and so could big refereeing decisions in matches. With that in mind, we wondered how the Premier League standings would look without the impact of VAR.

What we found was staggering, as so many sides have either been heavily benefited or disadvantaged, causing some major changes to the division’s order. We’ve put it all in one place, so flick through the pages to see a full run-through.