Latest figures show how full EVERY Premier League ground has been in 21/22: Aston Villa, Wolves, Arsenal revealed!

Premier League attendances have been impressive across the board

Friday, 25th March 2022, 4:56 pm

Latest figures have revealed just how full Premier League grounds have been throughout the 21/22 season so far and they’ve thrown up some pretty surprising yet impressive results.

Whether it’s to do with the break we all endured from football when covid made itself known or other factors entirely, the attendances this season across the board have been very good.

In terms of capacity of a stadium, the ‘least full’ turns out at an average of 86.4% per game which considering the price of tickets and cost of living shooting up is a very solid number.

Compare that to the Championship in the league below and they have a handful of teams playing in stadiums at a capacity of 50% or less - even those up the top end of the table.

The link is above for those that want to check out the Championship table but now you’re here, we’ll stop rabbiting and attach the Premier League one below.

All attendance figures are taken from and we’ve taken the average, compared it to the capacity of the stadium and worked out a total percentage which is all included in the graphic.

Teams are ranked from those whose stadiums are the most full, to those that have one too many empty seats.

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