Aston Villa boss Steven Gerrard’s intriguing £57m first summer transfer window - according to Football Manager

It’s set to be a busy summer at Villa Park, according to Football Manager.

As Aston Villa continue to adjust to life under Steven Gerrard, supporters will be understandably excited to see which direction the club heads in with the former England international at the helm.

There have been promising signs under the Liverpool legend since his arrival at Villa Park, as well as solid and eye-catching recruitment drive.

But how will Gerrard look to continue his rebuild over the coming months?

We took to Football Manager 2022 to find out.

The popular video game franchise is renowned for its meticulous detail and authentic approach to the world of, well, football management, and we thought we’d take a look into the future by fast forwarding to the end of the summer 2022 transfer window.

After a big summer of spending, it’s all change at Villa Park, and we’ve rounded up every deal that the game predicts Aston Villa will make below...

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