28 of the BEST photos of Villa Park through the years: Celebrating 125 years of the home of Aston Villa

The weekend of 16/17th April marks 125 years since Aston Villa football club took up residency at Villa Park. Here’s some of the best photos through the years.

This weekend, the weekend of 16th/17th April marks an incredibly special day in the history of Aston Villa Football Club.

It will be 125 years since the team took up residence at the place they still call home to this day, Villa Park.

And whilst a lot has obviously changed in terms of the overall look of the place, the stadium still holds its own as one of the most historic in English football.

Generations of fans have come and gone throughout the years, stands have been bulldozed and rebuilt but the hollow ground it sits on remains the same and the feeling that taking your seat inside the stadium gives you will never die.

The memorable matches are endless. From World Cup’s to European Championship football. From England fixtures to hosting more FA Cup semi-finals than any other venue. It’s seen it all.

Oh and not forgetting the massive number of incredible Villa games that have been played on the turf over the years, of course.

Plenty of wins over fierce rivals Birmingham City have been witnessed, plenty of success and promotion but also a fair share of heartache.

Through it all, though, there’s not a Villan out there that would swap it.

Here’s 28 incredible pictures of the home of Aston Villa Football Club, your home, from through the years.

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