Cheltenham Festival 2023: 10 photos from the horse racing event, including Queen Consort Camilla’s visit

On the second day of Cheltenham Festival 2023, a member of the royal family visited the race course

The Cheltenham Festival - one of the horse racing highlights of the year - kicked off yesteday (Tuesday, March 14 ) not too far from Birmingham, with thousands of Brummies travelling to enjoy the thrilling spectacle and horse racing fans visiting pubs across the city showing the races.

The photos from the festival show an exciting atmosphere as crowds cheer on their favourite jockeys, horses trainers and more. And, fans at the venue will get a glimpse of lot more than just horse racing at the venue.

On March 15, the second day of the festival, a royal family member - the Queen Consort Camilla - visited the event to show her support. The festival is not just popular for the sport but also for fashionistas donning their best for it as well.

The festival originated in the 19th century and it still keeps crowds heading to it each year for the love of the sport. If you want to be part of the energetic day from the comfort of your home, here are ten photos that will transport you to the racecourse:

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