16 Brummie sayings translated so anyone can talk like they’re from Birmingham - alright!

Once you know, you know!

So regional dialects are under threat, according to researchers.

A study has shown that local pronunciations could be lost in 45 years with south east versions of words being used instead, babs.

Apparently this is due to migration and TV, the research published earlier this year found.

But is this what we really want?

Mom could become mum, and instead of being able to ‘def it out’ - we may resort to ‘leave it out’.

With that in mind, and taking into account the findings from the Universities of Cambridge and Portsmouth, we thought it time we showed a bit of love for our Brummie dialect.

It’s so easy to talk Brummie when you know.

Here are 16 phrases using some of our best words from throughout the ages.

Some are used everyday - others maybe not so often at the moment.

With that in mind we’ve included a translation so that everyone can clearly understand what we’re sayin’.

Rotunda on a sunny autumn day in Birmingham city centre

1. We say: Well I think it’s time for me to 0121

What we really mean is: It’s time for me to leave you for now to pursue other chores/ activities/ leisure pursuits

2. We say: You all right bab?

What we really mean is: Are you OK, my love?

3. We say: He’s popped down the outdoor and get a few cans in for the weekend

What we really mean is: A male is buying beer from an off-licence to drink on Saturday and Sunday

4. We say: You’ve got a face as long as Livery Street

What we really mean is: Someone is looking glum, sad, upset

5. We say: That was a bostin’ game for the Villa

What we really mean is: Aston Villa played well (this phrase is not used very often! But maybe that could change now Steven Gerrard is in charge!)

6. We say: He’s got a right cob on him

What we really mean: Watch out because that man is in a bad mood

7. We say: Saves you going round the Wrekin

What we really mean is: If you follow my advice you will get results faster

8. We say: They have been too busy clarting about

What we really mean is: A group of people have wasted time by failing to tackle a task directly

9. We say: Go and play up your own end

What we really mean is: Stop making a nuisance on our street and go and have fun in your own neighbourhood

10. We say: He is half-soaked

What we really mean is: A male is slow-witted

An aerial view of Birmingham (pic from Shutterstock)

11. We say: Put your fizzog straight

What we really mean is: Please would you cheer up and stop sulking

12. We say: They’ve been caught wagging it

What we really mean is: Some school pupils have been found playing truant

13. We say: There are more islands there than Redditch

What we really mean: If you’re thinking of driving there, be aware that the area has got a lot of traffic roundabouts

14. We say: Def it out, man. It’s bonkers

What we really mean is: It is advisable to ignore this particular instruction as it is ridiculous

15. We say: My daughter did six gambols in PE today

What we really mean is: My child did six forward rolls in her games lesson

16. We say: Ta-ra a bit

What we really mean is: Goodbye for now, see you soon

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