7 fitness trends to look out for in 2022

Martial arts is one of the fitness trends recommended for 2022Martial arts is one of the fitness trends recommended for 2022
Martial arts is one of the fitness trends recommended for 2022 | BLAZE and Becky Weaver

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With a new year on the horizon, you may be looking to turn over a new leaf and jump back on the fitness wagon

Keeping fit has never been more important; it’s crucial not only for our physical health, but our mental health, too. But it’s key that we find ways to make exercise more enjoyable in order to stay motivated and reach our goals.

While 2020 saw many of us transform our living rooms for home workouts or grabbing our trainers and heading out for a run, 2022 is set to bring a bunch of new and exciting fitness trends that are guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

Whether you’re a gym bunny looking to change up your go-to workout routine, or planning to ease yourself back into exercise, there are plenty of options to help kick-start your fitness journey.

From training with friends to finding your feet with functional fitness, here are seven fitness trends to look out for next year, with some top tips from BLAZE Birmingham.


If you run with your dog, then CaniCross might be one of the trends that’ll catch your eye for 2022.

CaniCross is different from a normal run with your four-legged friend, as dogs are attached to their running owners by a harness or bungee.

Runs are normally trail or off-road, and it’s a fantastic way for owners to bond with their dogs, especially those with behavioural issues.

To find CaniCross run near you, as well as beginners guides, top tips for equipment and plenty more, click here.

Fitness trends for 2022Fitness trends for 2022
Fitness trends for 2022 | BLAZE and Becky Weaver

Martial arts workouts

Martial arts classes are set to make a comeback in 2022, especially for females.

According to Zoe Mead, Studio Manager and Instructor at BLAZE Birmingham, there’s been an increase in females attending classes and learning some great moves.

Zoe explains: "Martial arts workouts make women feel strong, confident and powerful and they always come back with other female friends, to encourage them to learn too."

Martial arts classes are a fantastic opportunity to let off some steam while learning some fantastic self-defence skills. Click here to find out more about Martial arts classes on offer at BLAZE Birmingham.

Functional fitness

While the last couple of years have seen many of us working from home on makeshift desks, chances are that we haven’t been paying as much attention to our posture, which can have a huge effect on our bodies.

Zoe explains that we’ll see an increase in classes focusing on functional and primal workouts, helping us to optimise and maximise our posture through functional and primal workouts.

"Primal movements are patterns we make as we go about our everyday lives and 2022 is set to bring an uptick in classes and workouts specifically focusing on strengthening and conditioning the body for these movements, with a strong core being a key," Zoe says.

"Get ready to be pushing, pulling, squatting, bending, twisting and lunging in classes, whether you’re working out with us at BLAZE or picking up the pace at home."

Fitness trends for 2022Fitness trends for 2022
Fitness trends for 2022 | BLAZE and Becky Weaver

Mix up your workouts with a variety of disciplines

It’s easy to fall into a habit of carrying out the same workouts, but that can prove to become a slippery slope that leads to feeling demotivated to get your workout done and release those endorphins.

But there is a way to avoid losing that drive. Zoe explains that by mixing up your workouts with a variety of disciplines, you’ll hit the ground running with every workout.

"One of the benefits of BLAZE is its cardio, strength and skills-based, which means it’s a real poly-athlete approach, where you do a variety of different forms of fitness in one class," Zoe says.

"It keeps people on their toes in terms of their fitness skills and means they always learn more."

Find yourself a training buddy

Working out can often feel quite lonely, especially on a training day when your get up and go has got up and gone.

2022 is looking like the year to grab yourself a training buddy so that you can always push each other to reach your fitness goals.

Zoe explains: "I would always recommend that if you want to take your health and wellness to the next level in the new year, train with someone else.

"Whether that’s getting a trainer or working out in a group environment (safely) with friends or colleagues, it’s about keeping it fresh and exciting and holding you accountable to your goals and aspirations."

Fitness trends for 2022Fitness trends for 2022
Fitness trends for 2022 | BLAZE and Becky Weaver

Track your progress

Whatever your reason is for working out, setting goals and tracking your progress can sometimes be the motivation that you need if you’re struggling with training.

Apps like Couch to 5K, Nike Run Club and Strava all became incredibly popular during 2020, and they’re a fantastic way to see how your fitness levels are improving with every workout.

"Exercise is a very personal thing, from your personal fitness levels to what your output is in a class, tracking and creating a bespoke connection in any workout is super important," Zoe says.

"It’s why we use MYZONE belts on each attendee at BLAZE Birmingham, so they can understand their own fitness metrics in a class and work to their own personal best, versus just trying to follow the crowd.

"Having connectivity and tracking in any workout makes you more efficient and train harder – so it’s definitely something we see becoming more and more important in the future of fitness."

Fitness trends for 2022Fitness trends for 2022
Fitness trends for 2022 | BLAZE and Becky Weaver

Weighted hula hoops

A great way to switch up your ab workouts, weighted hula hoops are at the top of many fitness trend forecasts for next year.

Providing a great workout at home, they’re not an expensive piece of equipment and, unlike exercise bikes and treadmills, don’t take up much room.

You can browse a range of weighted hula hoops online here.

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