The top 10 actions the nation is taking to improve their sustainability

With mounting pressure on individuals to take responsibility for the impact they have on the planet, new research has revealed that more than one in three (36%) Brits say they’d feel more motivated to be sustainable if discussions about the topic of sustainability were more positive.

The new research of 2,000 adults commissioned by renewables-backed electricity supplier E.ON Next revealed that almost a quarter (22%) of those questioned have been eco-shamed, and six in ten (60%) admit that eco-shaming has made them reluctant to take action to tackle climate change.

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Four in ten (41%) Brits have been shamed by a friend, and a similar number (44%) by either their partner or family member, while more than a third (37%) have been shamed by a colleague or stranger. Of those that had been criticised about their approach to sustainability, most were shamed for not recycling properly (25%), using single use plastic (24%) and leaving appliances on charge needlessly (23%).

Positive speaker series

To help the nation feel more positive about tackling climate change, E.ON Next has launched its Positive Speaker Series, and will first be teaming up with motivational speaker, Roxie Nafousi to encourage people to feel more positive when it comes to sustainability.

Michael Lewis, E.ON UK CEO, said: “We know that tackling climate change can feel daunting, particularly when conversations can feel quite negative. That’s why we wanted to see if taking a more positive approach could help, and our research has revealed that almost half of people (49%) say that every sustainable action, big or small, should be praised.

“We also found that three quarters of those asked (74%) agree that a positive mindset can promote lasting change, and most people agree that if we all did our bit to help tackle climate change, collectively we can make a positive difference. We hope that our Positive Speaker Series will do just

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that – helping shift people’s mindsets about sustainability as we all work towards meeting our net zero targets.”


According to the research, more than one in ten (17%) admit that being eco-shamed didn’t make them change their ways. In fact, more than a third (37%) strongly agreed that it’s important to inspire rather than shame people into becoming more sustainable. And almost four in ten (39%) agreed that a more enjoyable attitude around sustainability would help the nation take action to address climate change rather than eco-shaming others.

Self-Development Coach, Roxie Nafousi, will be taking part in the Positive Speaker Series and said: “Self-development lies at the core of our motivation. By cultivating a more positive attitude and channelling this into our day-to-day behaviours, the more able we are to create long-lasting change in our lives. This can be applied to everything that we do, including our personal development, careers and our ability to live a more sustainable lifestyle.”

When asked about being sustainable in their daily lives, the research shows that people are taking action in areas including:

1. Recycling (70%)

2. Taking their own bags when shopping (66%)

3. Switching lights off when not in use (66%)

4. Minimising food waste (61%)

5. Only using energy efficient light bulbs (54%)

6. Turning off/unplugging appliances when not in use (53%)

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7. Using reusable cups and avoiding single use plastic (45%)

8. Walking/cycling instead of driving (44%)

9. Buying energy efficient appliances (42%)

10. Only heating rooms that are in use (36%)

About the Positive Speaker Series

· The Positive Speaker Series will launch on 12th August at 1pm with motivational speaker Roxie Nafousi on her Instagram channel @roxienafousi to discuss how a positive mindset can help promote sustainability.

· We’ll continue the Positive Speaker Series over the coming weeks to keep the conversation of taking positive climate action going.

· Each live stream will include a Q&A whereby listeners will have the chance to ask questions around sustainability and climate change.

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· People can also visit @eon_next to view the live stream, where every view or engagement will result in trees being planted by E.ON Next.

E.ON Next supplies 100% renewables-backed electricity to homes and to small and medium-sized businesses that sign a contract directly with E.ON Next, and provides a dedicated customer service which is rated ‘Excellent’ by TrustPilot. For more information visit

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