Super cool Fiona Bevan releases new single Faultlines

Fiona Bevan releases new single Faultlines Fiona Bevan releases new single Faultlines
Fiona Bevan releases new single Faultlines

New single release

Fiona Bevan has announced the release of her new single Faultlines. Following the release last year of Revelations, her first solo single from her forthcoming self-produced EP, Faultlines has been released.

Fiona headlined an International Women’s Day Special show – Live In The Chapel at House Of St Barnabas, London on Wednesday March 9.

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Faultlines was conceived in LA when Fiona was woken up by an earthquake one night.

She was going through a breakup at the time, and the next morning she wrote down “blame it on the faultlines”.

This led to the nucleus of the song which became a tragic story of heartbreak and gaslighting but also the beginnings of learning to trust herself and regain her self-belief.

Fiona goes on: “I really wanted the melody of this to almost sound like an achy country ballad. It was important to me when I was making my forthcoming Girl With Telescope EP, that I used not only organic instruments like guitar/piano/vocals/violin/bells but also analogue synth sounds added into the mix, and then I messed with it in a playful, free, collage-y way during the production process.

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"The lyrics came to me after some deep searching - “my side of the story/ and that version you told me/ separate slowly/ chasms in between''.

This was the hardest lyric to write, as I had to understand what gaslighting was, and accept that I had been through it, and acknowledge and celebrate that I was coming out the other side of it… sometimes lyrics are difficult, but they have to come out. I know from chatting to strangers after gigs, and from messages all across the world, that people are helped and healed by hearing truthful lyrics and I now know that part of my purpose is truth and healing, for me and for every single person who listens and connects, because songs join us together.

"The track ends with a very delicate, peaceful, light touch after an orgasmic swell/explosion on the Juno synth - this is me trying to ‘write the female’ - I wanted to know how it would sound if I could paint a female orgasm with sound, and it’s also like a constellation exploding as this Girl With Telescope EP looks up to the stars for answers, escape, solace, beauty. “

Ahead of recording her forthcoming Girl With Telescope EP, the past few years have seen Fiona focusing on writing and co-writing duties as well as championing music industry causes.

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Currently Fiona is Chair of the Songwriter Council for The Ivors Academy and she also sits on both The Ivors Academy and PRS boards. During the ongoing DCMS investigations into music streaming Fiona has given evidence at the hearing and has since had numerous interviews across the media landscape.

Fiona was also recently asked by Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA to join him as an ambassador for his new initiative Credits Due which is a pledge by publishers to ensure that complete and accurate song metadata is attached to all recordings at the point of creation.

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