The 10 worst roads for speeding in Birmingham - including Northfield, Handsworth, Erdington & Hall Green

We’ve had a look at the top 10 worst roads for speeding drivers in Birmingham

New figures have revealed the worst roads for speeding drivers in Birmingham.

Data from Birmingham City Council shows thousands of cases where drivers have risked lives by breaking the speed limit.

Over the last year, 16,431 drivers have been caught by camera vans exceeding the speed limit. With a minimum £100 fine as well as a 3-point penalty, Birmingham City Council could be taking hundreds of thousands of pounds per year from speeding offences.

Out of the total number of drivers caught around a quarter of offenders were required to complete a speed awareness course. Depending upon the speed at which they were detected, drivers may be invited to go to a speed awareness course as an alternative to penalty points.

A representative for West Midlands Police said: “Laws introduced in April 2017 have seen tougher penalties introduced for speeding. Speed is considered the most important contributory factor to death and serious injury on our roads.

“Excess speed is the cause of as many as one-third of all crashes resulting in death. The risk of death is approximately four times higher when a person is hit at 40mph compared to at 30mph.

“Statistics show that drivers travelling at excess speed is one of the major contributory factors in serious and fatal road traffic collisions and we will continue to actively enforce speed limits across our Force area when it is appropriate to do so.”

Within 14 days of your car being caught speeding you’ll be sent a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) and a Section 172 notice. You must return the Section 172 notice within 28 days, telling the police who was driving the car. After you’ve sent the Section 172 notice back, you’ll be sent either a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN or a letter telling you to go to court.

You can see the top 10 worst roads for speeding drivers in Birmingham and the total number of offences committed below.

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