Wilko is letting dogs in shops - but is it a good plan? The people of Birmingham have their say

Homewares stores Wilko has announced it’s allowing customers to shop with their dogs - but not everyone is happy

Wilko’s announcement that they will be changing their policy to allow dogs in a selection of their stores has been met with a mixed response from shoppers.

Wilko asserts that pets are a part of the family and should be welcomed in stores. It’s a popular policy in cities like San Francisco. But can it work as well her in Brum?

We speak to the people of Birmingham to see if they think this is a good idea - and if they would like to see more stores welcome pooches. You can see their comments in the video above. We’ve also listed them below. Do you agree?

Stacy says: “I feel like it's fine - Wilkinson’s doesn’t sell like food items like Morrison's or Waitrose and they sell dog items so it'd be nice for dogs to go in there I'm perfectly fine with that.”

Stacy & Dawn, Birmingham

Faizal says: Personally myself I don’t mind pets - like you said they are family members -they’re more than pets but some places, people say we can avoid it. But personally, ourselves, we are alright with the pets. They're all good.

Amina, Ahmed & Faizal, Birmingham

Muhammad says: “I agree with that decision of having dogs in the shop because some people genuinely need the dog. So for example, someone that might not have perfect eyesight who might need the dog to guide them.

“Depends what kind of dog it to be honest. As long as it's not vicious. I don't see no problem. I can agree that some people might not like dogs or might have an allergy but as long as the dog is minding his own business, going about his day.”

Muhammad, Birmingham

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